Keep Your School in Tip-Top Shape with help from The PTC Cleaning Services of Baltimore, MD

Arrange for regular cleaning services with our team

Help your students by letting us create a clean learning environment. If your looking for janitorial services for your school, look no further than The PTC Cleaning Services.

Our school cleaning crew can...

Surface cleaning
Refrigerator and microwave cleaning
Clean and sanitize bathrooms
Strip and wax the floors

Even in a small school, students can make a big mess. Cleaning services are a necessary investment for a well-run school. Call (410) 206-3991 or email now to tell us what cleaning services your school needs.

Stop the spread of germs in your school

Stop the spread of germs in your school

In a school, sickness spreads like wildfire. If your students are missing class due to illness, they aren't getting a well-rounded education. Stop the spread of viruses by hiring a cleaning crew to sanitize every surface.

Nearly 22 million school days are lost annually due to illness, and handwashing can only do so much to stop the spread of germs. Get ahead of sickness by scheduling regular cleaning services.